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About The Faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences was born out of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in 1981. The faculty was the brainchild of the late Dr. Harold Drayton. The faculty commenced with several diploma programmes. To date the faculty has seen a tremendous growth in the number of programmes being offered starting from the Bachelors’ of Science Degree to Masters’ of Science Degree. The faculty consist of the Department of Medical Technology, The Department of Pharmacy, The Department of Public Health, The School of Medicine and The School of Dentistry.

The faculty has subscribed to the notion of a health team and has fostered this relationship within the several programmes and among the student population by having all students from all programmes during different stages within each programme to take core courses. These core courses allow students to work together and encourage that team spirit that should exist within the health care system.

Mission of the Faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences mission is to train, through innovative education and cutting edge research, healthcare professionals that will improve the healthcare delivery system for the people of Guyana by providing the highest quality patient care.