I would like to welcome you to the College of Medical Sciences at the University of Guyana. The first of its kind. You are now a part of the flagship faculty which has a rich history of leading the way in the delivery of medical education in Guyana.

The College consist of several schools: The School of Allied Health, the School of Behavioral Sciences, the School of Dentistry, the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy. These different schools offer a wide array of programmes which seek to complement and enhance the delivery of health care. This is done through our mission and understanding of the concept of a health care team - we recognize that all disciplines must work together to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

The beginning of a tertiary education may seem daunting at first but just as the others before you would have persevered, so will you. I encourage you to play hard and work hard and I trust that your stay here with us will be one that is memorable and fulfilling as we mold you into becoming the consummate professional.

With warm wishes for a rewarding year,

Dr. Cecil Boston
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences