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To the New and continuing students, it is with a sense of joy, we welcome you to the University of Guyana College of Medical Sciences School of Nursing, RN to BScN Pathway. The pathway is designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurse Midwives, Registered Nurses, and Registered MEDEX with current licenses seeking to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

The graduates from Government-owned Schools can now complete Tertiary level training at the University of Guyana School of Nursing, where students read for an additional two years to gain their Degree. The RN to BScN professional component consists of courses that address the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to complete study in today's dynamic healthcare settings. Students will enjoy challenging themselves as they explore relevant topics related to modern-day professional nursing issues.

The school is actively planning and developing new and innovative approaches to our online programming. At present, we provide educational opportunities in nursing education to all ten regions of Guyana and a few Caribbean territories; we hope to spread to more Caribbean territories shortly and work toward developing a Master's in Education programme. During this COVID-19 period and beyond, this programme will be taught entirely online, except for its practicum component, where students are attached to selected health institutions—there will be flexible options for working students who are managing work and family responsibilities and educational assignments. Graduates will increase their skills and knowledge in higher healthcare levels, better understand global health issues, and be better prepared to collaborate with the interprofessional team in providing quality care in multiple work settings. Further graduates will have the skills to provide enhanced patient care, critique, and apply research to clinical practice.

The experience and broad collaboration gained over the last two decades have assured our independence, creativity, nurturing, and exploration of better ways to increase content in an ever-changing world. We strive to provide a high standard of Education to the post RN, Post MEDEX, and undergraduates.Therefore, we endeavor to strengthen our relations with other prestigious international nursing schools to facilitate students during their summers, so they can obtain a more comprehensive educational experience.We are committed to providing a rewarding and satisfying educational experience.

Once again I take this opportunity to welcome you to a new beginning, to a new journey!


Rev. Dr. Noel Holder AA MPH, Fellow (Au)

Director, School of Nursing, CMS-UG.