Dr. Maria Villareal

  • Lecturer I

About The Lecturer I

Maria Sheena Villareal is a physical therapy doctor, early interventionist, lecturer and coordinator of BSc Medical Rehabilitation major in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-language & Audiology program at the University of Guyana. As a coordinator, she is instrumental in the establishment of the three majors of the BMR program. Through collaboration, she had gained support for the program from both local and international bodies such as World Confederation of Physical Therapy, World Confederation of Occupational Therapist, American Occupational Therapist, American Speech and Hearing Association, Volunteer Service Overseas, European Union and US Peace Corp. Dr. Villareal is also a practicing physical therapist with over fifteen years of experience in various clinical, community and educational setting. In 2011, Dr. Villareal developed, trained and launched the Early Identification and Intervention [screening] program in Guyana under the Ministry of Health, Volunteer Service Overseas and the European Union across all the regions of Guyana.


Courses taught

BRS 1900, 2900, 3900, 4900, 5900 Clinical attachment

BMR 1900, 2900, 3900, 4900, BMP 1901 and 2900 Clinical Education Attachment

BMP 4109 Independent study with EB-PT practice

BMP 4105, 4205 Clinical internships I/II

BRS 4202 Special topic: Child physical health

BMR 3200 Critical Appraisal of Literature

BMR 3104 Communication, interpersonal skills with cultural competence

BMR 3207 Therapeutic modalities 1: Physical modalities

BRS 3105 Communication and interpersonal skills

BRS 3203 Disabling and handicapping condition

BRS 3204 Devices, adaptation, technology, orthotics, and prosthetics

BRS 3205 Electrotherapeutic modalities

BRS 3206 Reflective Practice: Critical evaluation of practice

BMR 2104 Medical and surgical conditions

BMR 2105 Clinical Neurosciences and neurological conditions

BMR 2201/ 2204 Human growth and development

BMR 2102 Embryology

BMR 2205 Reflective Practice

BMR 1102/1104 Anatomy & Physiology with Embryology

BMR 1204 Kinesiology and biomechanics [human motion in activity]

BMR 1206 Introduction to patient care and basic PT-OT principles with documentation

BMR 1103 Physiology from Rehabilitation Sciences

BMR 1202 Anatomy for Medical Rehabilitation- II

BMR 1203 Introduction to basic clinical techniques


Research Interest

Effect of aquatic exercises in motor function of children with physical disability.

The impact of early detection screening in nursery school.



Presentation and papers

[2017] Online teaching: The journey of self-discovery.

[2017] Teenage Suicide: Global Perspective, challenges, and action.

[2016] Burn Imaging technology: Advantage and disadvantage.

[2014] Teachers ability to early recognize visual problems in primary school children aged 5-7.

[2010-2012] Pilot project, Early identification, screening, referral for intervention for children with delay and disability.

[2012] Compiled training and lecture notes: Early detection, screening, and referral for medical health team, school teachers, parents, and community.

[2008] Exercise to enhance literacy for children with learning disability: A proposed activity.

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