Dr. Morris Edwards
M.B Ch.B, MSc
Lecturer in Surveillance
School of Medicine

Dr. Edwards received his M.B Ch.B in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Mosul, Iraq, his MSc from the University College London and is pursuing a doctorate in public health at the University of West Indies. With almost two decades of service in Public Health and Development, with extensive experience in the management of STIs and HIV, Dr. Edwards worked with Guyana’s Ministry of Public Health as the Director of the Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic, National AIDS Programme Manager, National Epidemiologist, Director of Disease Control and Executive Director of the Health Sector Development Unit. Dr. Edwards also worked at the regional level of the Caribbean as Deputy Programme Manager PANCAP Global Fund, Head of Strategy and Resourcing and Head of Policy at PANCAP. He has extensive experience in surveillance and disease outbreak investigations. Dr. Edwards has authored numerous articles on STIs and HIV and cancers. His current research interests are in non-communicable diseases especially in cancers and risk factors for NCDs.