Prof. Paloma Mohamed
Senior Lecturer
School of Medicine

Office Number

Dr. Paloma Mohamed is a behavioral scientist who was educated at the University of Guyana, Harvard University and the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Her area of specialization is social and behavioral change specifically how communicative and cultural aspects of  life are implicated in change. Recently she has opened up a new area of research in social media and change as well as destructive health behaviors.  She has written and edited 11 books in addition to publishing in several academic journals.  Most recent are Communication, Power and Change in the Caribbean (Hansib, 2012) and Notes on the Media in Guyana (LAP 2014). Her 12th book, “Letters from The Past : The Creole Guyana’s Second Coloured Newspaper (1856-1907) and National Consciousness is expected this year. Paloma has been Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Director, Centre for Communication Studies, University of Guyana and a member of the University of Guyana Council. She was tipped to  become Deputy Vice Chancellor PACE on October 1, 2016.  Paloma  has won several local and international awards for her writing and mentoring work in education and culture including a Presidential Medal of Service in 2012 and the City of New York Award for Culture in 2013.  She became the first woman Caribbean Laureate for Excellence in Arts and Letters in 2015 and was again recognized  for her work in education and culture with a National Arrow of Achievement in May 2015. She currently teaches research methods and health behavior at the University of Guyana.  In terms of service she has served on numerous national and international bodies. She is currently chair of the Theatre Guild of Guyana, Founding Director of CineGuyana, Moray House Trust and Healing Arts Inc.